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YAKEDA Tactical Vest: Best Tactical Vest 2023

YAKEDA Tactical Vest

Tactical Vest

There is a lot of equipment to carry, regardless of whether you’re participating in an airsoft game or employing a real firearm for any tactical task. A backpack is insufficient when it comes to carrying magazines, flashlights, and first aid supplies. To store necessary equipment and shield your body from stab wounds and ballistic attacks, you’ll need the greatest tactical vest.

YAKEDA tactical vests were first used by United State Marines. In comparison to the earlier interceptor body armour, it was advancement. The Marines put them through a lot of testing before approving their use. Increased degrees of protection were offered by these vests.


It weighed more than vests in earlier forms, the weight was better dispersed throughout the body, which decreased fatigue. Since it made use of the same protective plates as the older models, switching did not pose a safety issue. By 2008, they had gained sufficient acceptance that the Navy ordered 28,000 of them.


These tactical vests are made with comfort in mind. The lightweight design lessens wearer fatigue without sacrificing protection. An essential component of SWAT assault gear is tactical vests. Even if a vest is more expensive, it is advisable to buy one of higher quality.

Compared to more affordable versions, they will be more comfortable and durable. Ensure there are adequate pockets for everything. In addition to the military and law enforcement, tactical vests are used for paintball, fishing, and hunting because of their advantages.

Plate Carrier Vests

Similar to tactical vests, plate carrier vests put more of an emphasis on protection thanks to the numerous protective plates. They are ballistic vests that were created specifically for the American Army to take the place of outer tactical vests.

Its status as a superior tactical vest is what makes it unique. The quality is clear because it is composed of robust and durable polyester fabric. Therefore, it will last a long time for you. The fact that it is lightweight and comfy further demonstrates the high calibre.

You will like wearing it, even for long periods of time. Finding a vest that is both strong and light is difficult, but this one does. Consequently, it is a unique vest.

Other Features

This tactical vest has numerous storage pockets and pouches, including two rifle magazine pouches, a communication device pocket, and a holster, just like the majority of tactical vests. MOLLE straps are also included for securing additional equipment.

The only thing about this vest that you won’t enjoy is that, despite some of its sales graphics suggesting otherwise, it does not include a hydration bladder. This vest’s adjustability is another unique feature. It can be altered in a number of ways to improve comfort. You can change its width, length, and belt, for instance.

Similar to Modular Tactical Vest

The Modular Tactical Vest worn by the American armed services is remarkably similar to tactical vests. In addition to the numerous pockets and pouches, they also contain Molle webbing to increase the storage capacity. These days, the market is flooded with several tactical vests.


Here are a few things to know about YAKEDA Tactical Vests to aid in your search for the ideal one.

  • Types You can pick from a variety of tactical vest designs, such as a movable harness battle belt, a plate carrier with bullet-resistance, or a straightforward cross-draw style.
  1. Belt of Battle Harness

To move the weight of the gear from the midsection to the shoulders, this style of vest frequently has Molle straps that resemble suspenders. To increase the capacity, you can attach additional pouches to the strap. The open chest area reduces overheating and improves mobility.

         2. Dish Carrier

This tactical vest with plates is ideal for real-world gunfights or airsoft/paintball activities. Depending on how you plan to utilize the vest, the plate’s tensile strength may change. A light plate is used for paintball games, whereas a heavy-duty plate is required for handling real firearms.

        3. Drawn Cross

Since it has a straightforward design, this style is the most popular and least expensive. These vests could be available in a variety of designs depending on the brand.

They often have a front zipper and several pouches built right into the vest. They might also include holsters and detachable belts.


A decent tactical vest should ideally be light, but not so light that it feels flimsy. The vest should be light without sacrificing toughness. When you load up a lot of things, it shouldn’t make you feel heavy.

Storage Space:

There are many pouches on most tactical vests. Make sure they can accommodate your magazines and any necessary equipment. Look for Molle webbing to connect a first aid kit or mailbag if you intend to travel with them. Some vests have built-in or detachable pouches. Although fixed pouches offer better protection, they don’t offer the same level of customization as removable ones. Look for a vest with the ideal ratio of fixed and detachable pouches to get the best of both worlds. Look for a holster if you intend to bring a pistol. Look for inner pockets that can keep it tight to accommodate body armor.

Molle webbing

For attaching extra gear in case of emergencies is a necessary feature of a decent tactical vest for bugging out.


To withstand any weather and environment, you want materials that are sturdy and durable. The majority of tactical vests are constructed of polyester or nylon. Look for a higher denier count to provide strength and a small amount of mesh for breathability.


You can customize the shoulder, side, and belt designs to fit your needs, giving you complete flexibility of movement.


The structure of a tactical vest is ultimately determined by the material and skill. Check for sturdy straps, buckles, and zippers. For strength and toughness, the nylon fabric should have a high denier count. Naturally, comfort should not be sacrificed, so try to opt for a mesh material for effective ventilation. Padding on the shoulders can relieve pressure from carrying a rifle, and padding underneath can assist prevent irritation from the armour plates.

The seams must be straight and tightly sewn. Avoid vests with loose stitches because they won’t last very long.

YAKEDA Tactical Vest

The YAKEDA tactical vest is not only for military personnel, members of the public safety community, or general fans; it is also for the serious prepper who is preparing for a level 3 or level 4 SHTF. It mainly makes it possible for the operator to transport their equipment in a safe and pleasant manner.


  • Several adjustments are available to fit any body size.
  • Includes a sturdy belt with side adjustments to maintain it in the middle.
  • Have broad shoulder straps and a sturdy tube that is semi-stiff on the right to relieve pressure.
  • Open mesh feels cool, and the upper magazine pouches seem tough.
  • Possesses a large number of pouches, including a holster and utility pouches.
  • The material feels sturdy, as do the zippers and buckles.
  • It is a fantastic vest for both law enforcement and civilian applications like mountaineering, fashion, range shooting, airsoft, paintball, and fashion.


More from Yakeda Tactical Vest


  • There are several ways to adjust it to make it more comfortable.
  • It is an excellent tactical vest.
  • For the price, it’s a great vest.
  • It is affordable and well-organized when playing the CS game because it has a lot of detachable pouches and great plug-in systems with hook-and-loop closure, drain holes, and elastic.
  • Made from high-density 600D polyester, which is comfortable, strong, and lightweight thanks to the mesh design.


  • Gun holder appears to be too small.
  • Despite what some of its photographs appear to show, it does not come with a hydration bladder.

How to wear a tactical vest?

You don’t need much training to use a tactical vest. It must be placed on, adjusted, and equipped with your tactical gear. Some people fill their tactical vests with equipment before donning them. This is alright. Sometimes folks don’t take off their tactical equipment from their vests when they’re finished.

Since they must put on the vest and leave, this makes it simpler for them to get ready for the upcoming operation. And that’s absolutely fine too. Depending on what you deem to be more practical. Pre-loading your tactical vest for the next expedition might be more practical, in your opinion.

Why Wear a Tactical Vest?

A tactical vest can be worn to protect the upper body and store necessary equipment. Mags, weapons, and transceivers are a few items you can keep in the vest. The vest can serve as a protection against actual bullets and airsoft BBs when hard plates are added.

The primary purpose of tactical vests is to carry additional tactical gear. For carrying additional tactical gear like weapons, magazines, radio phones, mobile phones, hydration packs, emergency medical kits, etc., most tactical vests have a variety of compartments and pouches. When out in the field, law enforcement officers and other personnel use tactical vests to carry everything they need.

Other Uses

For target practice or combat training, people wear tactical vests as their second justification. The majority of tactical training exercises replicate actual environments. As a result, students must carry the same items and wear the same vests as they would if they were in a real-world setting.

Hunting is another occasion when people wear vests. Hunting requires tact. The proper tools must be carried in order to succeed. Due to the need to carry all the gear necessary for success, modern hunters now wear tactical vests.

Last but not least

When playing airsoft or paintball games, participants also put on vests. In a way, airsoft weapons resemble actual weapons. As an illustration, airsoft rifles have unique magazines, and airsoft pistols have unique magazines. To carry extra Airsoft pistol magazines, cunning Airsoft players wear tactical vests.

Can Tactical Vest Stop Bullets?

Not completely. Specifically designed bullets travelling at different speeds won’t be able to penetrate a tactical vest because it is bullet-resistant. The wearer may sustain harm even if the vest is robust enough to prevent the bullet from penetrating.

How do you pick the right tactical vest for you?

Before purchasing the greatest vest, you need take into account a number of aspects.

You must first decide what kind of vest you require. Do you require a multipurpose vest or the best vest carrier (bulletproof) vest, for instance? It would be a complete waste of money to purchase one sort of vest while needing the other.

Second, you must think about size. To determine whether a vest is true to size or if it runs small, check the size of the vest and read customer reviews. It will be easier for you to get a vest that fits you well if you check the size and confirm that it is true to size.


Consideration of the comfort of the vest you wish to purchase might be beneficial. By comfort, I mean that you should think about whether the vest is permeable. It doesn’t get too heated or hot if it is breathable. Consider whether the vest is adjustable as well. The most comfortable adjustments can be made to the best tactical vests at several points. Therefore, when it comes to vest comfort, don’t accept less.


It would be beneficial if you thought about the cost. When weighing the cost of a tactical vest, evaluate all of its features, pockets, and attachments before deciding whether the cost is reasonable. If so, do not hesitate to spend a lot of money on it. Unless it is, then choose another tactical vest.


By purchasing a tactical vest, you can accomplish two goals at once: you will be protected and have additional space for carrying necessary equipment. Overall, the mesh design of the YAKEDA tactical vest makes it one of the lightest on the market.

This may accommodate any torso size thanks to the numerous adjustable straps. When it comes to installing armor plates and supplying additional protection, it’s one of the best.


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